Wednesday, January 19, 2011

While in NYC this weekend I went into a gallery in SOHO and discovered the work of Simon Birch (first 3 images) and fell in LOVE. Then a day later I was poking around the Internet and found Francoise Nielly (last 2 images) and felt like I was cheating on Simon. These amazing artists seem to have a similar styles due to their brush strokes/blocky technique and the portrait aspect but evoke such different emotions from me. Simon's paintings are mostly of women that seem to be in motion, frustrated, hiding and baring all. While Francoise's paintings focus directly on the facial expressions of both male and female and have such a bold, overwhelming presences....Damn I think I'm dating art.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'd like to consider myself a "Geometric Minimalist"

This poster was designed for a recent art show I hosted. All my work at the event had a geometric/minimal theme. There is truly something calming about art that is simple but let's your mind repetitively explore the negative/positive space and each time come up with a different outcome and reaction.


What is it that you hide? You know, those feelings or secrets that are camouflaged so well that no one would know they existed unless you told them. We normally hide the emotions that are the strongest or evoke the most pain out of us. And fear is usually the reason we mask our feelings. Fear of rejection, fear of commitment, fear of not being accepted...and the list goes on. This concept was my main inspiration for the poster series above. While hiding the words LOVE and HATE I wanted the design to be clean, straight forward, but actually have depth...just like the emotions we suppress.